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About Us

Discount Djembes is an extension of Mother Rhythm Drums (motherrhythm.com). The idea for this outlet site came about through our strict comittment to standard and high quality. While other stores will often sell you a blemished djembe at quality #1 price, we strive to preserve our integrity and keep our customers satisfied. Therefore, this site ensures that budget-minded and blemish-friendly players have access to these overstock djembes at incredible, almost unheard-of prices. 

Mother Rhythm Drums is a family-owned business. We've been around since 2002, making us the oldest and most-trusted source for purchasing hand percussion products online. it is our mission to provide helpful, friendly service, which includes an extensive knowledge about the products we carry, all at prices that help keep drumming affordable and accessible for everyone! 

Meet the Staff

Gregg Anderson

Owner and founder, Gregg was inspired to start Mother Rhythm Drums after a life-changing experience at an all-night drum circle at the Wippipeg Folk Festival. This experience compelled him to spread the postive energy of rhythm through drumming across North America. Today, Gregg is still the backbone of the company and the day-to-day operations, as he personally prepares the items for each individual shipment (chances are, if you order from us, Gregg has personally packaged your item with love and care).