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Our Newsletter

About Discount Djembes

All of the drums on our site are handmade. While this is what makes these drums so amazing, inevitably hand-made products will have some imperfections. When the carvers are completely finished building the drums they are graded as #1 and #2 grade, based on the level of these imperfections. The #1 grade are sold to music shops and in various online venues. But what do they do with all those #2’s? This can be a potentially wasteful characteristic of hand made products if these carvers or importers don’t have access to the proper channels to disperse of their overstock.

That’s where we come in. We provide the bridge between consumer and supplier, ensuring that budget-minded players and blemish-friendly players have access to these overstock drums and percussion products at incredible, almost unheard-of prices.

Most of the drums on discountdjembes.com fall into the 'blemished' category, unless otherwise stated. The blemishes can consist of wood knots, areas filled in with wood filler and stained over, scratches, stains on the skin, small dents in the wood, symmetry irregularities particularly at the bearing edge, non-intrusive fissures, translucent spotted skins, slight color variations, size variances that don’t meet the exact original size dimension criteria, etc., (please see example pics below) but nothing so major as to affect the overall performance of the drum (like a crack greater than 'hairline' or a broken head). Drums in this category are all great performing drums for the price, and are a great opportunity for players who plan to lug their drum around and allow it to experience the natural wear through the process of normal use anyway. You may not even notice the blemishes in some cases. We do NOT take pictures or detail individual blemishes. If you are not comfortable with these terms and prefer a drum with no aesthetic imperfections, we suggest purchasing from motherrhythm.com. In addition, we have many satisfied customers who are frequently impressed with the quality and performance of the instruments. Please see our testimonials page. 

Blemish Examples

The following are example pics of what we consider to be a "blemish."

(Please note that these examples are as severe as it gets, and in the vast majority of cases will not be this bad.  Please check our reviews.  Many Customers make reference to not being able to find what they consider to be a blemish on a hand made wooden product, or blemishes to be superficial.  We grade our products fairly, and discount where appropriate.)

Gouge at the base


Wood filler






Wood discoloration


Skin discoloration


Flat spots



Examples of What You Will NOT Receive

The following are examples of major flaws that go beyond a "blemish." These major flaws will affect the performance of the instrument, therefore you will NOT receive anything like this when purchasing a blemished item.

Major Crack


Tear at Bearing Edge


Ruptured Skin